Conference: Belief, imagination and delusion

November 6th – 7th, 2018 at the University of Birmingham.

Registration closes October 26th 2018.

This conference aims to bring together researchers interested in the nature of belief, imagination, and delusion formation, to reflect on interactions between these areas. The conference will invite researchers working on the nature of belief or imagination to approach delusions as a case study against which to reflect on their views. Researchers interested in delusion formation will be asked to reflect on accounts of the nature of belief and imagination, and how those fit with models of delusion formation.

Sophie Archer (University of Oxford): ‘Belief, Delusion, and Implicit Bias’
Federico Bongiorno (University of Birmingham): ‘Is the Capgras Delusion an Endorsement of Experience?’
Anna Ichino (University of Milan): ‘Imagination and Belief in Action’

Ryan McKay (Royal Holloway): ‘Belief Formation in a Post-Truth World’
Paul Noordhof (University of York): ‘Consciousness and the Aim of Belief’
Lucy O’Brien (University College London): ‘Delusions of Everyday Life’ (with Doug Lavin)
​Jakob Ohlhorst (University of Cologne): ‘The Certainties of Delusion’

Matthew Parrott (University of Birmingham): ‘The Role of Imagination in Forming Delusional Beliefs’
Kathleen Stock (University of Sussex): ‘Imagination and Delusion’
Garry Young (University of Melbourne): ‘Challenging the Revisionist Model of Capgras Delusion’

Further details and registration here:


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