Conference: Symposium on Philosophy, Humanities & Psychiatry

September 27th – 30th,  2018.

World Psychiatric Association, Mexico City, Mexico.

The Section of Philosophy and Humanities in Psychiatry (SPHP) of the World Psychiatric Association is planning to submit a Special Symposium on Philosophy Humanities & Psychiatry for the WPA World Congress of Psychiatry.

Submissions for the Special Symposium are welcomed.

For details and to make a preliminary submission please contact: Guilherme Messas, organiser on behalf of the SPHP at:

Deadline to contact Guilherme Messas: 10 January 2018

Final deadline for submissions dirct to the Congress: 15 January 2018


Guilherme Messas (Santa Casa de São Paulo School of Medical Sciences)

Werdie van Staden – Chair of the SPHP

Bill Fulford – Co-chair of the SPHP


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