Symposium: Neurointerventions in Crime Prevention

3-4 April 2017, Swansea University.

Two-day Symposium: Neurointerventions in Crime Prevention: Bioethical, Legal and Criminological Perspectives

Brain active drugs and other ‘neuro-interventions’ could potentially be used to facilitate the rehabilitation of criminal offenders. Should offenders ever be offered or required to undergo such interventions? This symposium will bring together academics from the fields of bioethics, philosophy, medicine, criminology and law to explore and debate this and related questions. Speakers will include Bebhinn Donnelly (Swansea), Chris Bennett (Sheffield), David Birks (Kiel), Dennis Paterson (Swansea), Elizabeth Shaw (Aberdeen), Hannah Maslen (Oxford), Jan Christoph Bublitz (Hamburg), Jesper Ryberg (Roskilde), John Danaher (Galway), Jonathan Pugh (Oxford), Katrien Devolder (Oxford), Martin Innes (Cardiff), Marty Chamberlain (Swansea) and Tom Douglas (Oxford).

The symposium is open to all, but places are tightly limited. If you are interested in attending, please contact Marty Chamberlain ( with your expression of interest.




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