Seminar: The ‘no-choice choice’

Wednesday 1 February 2017, 4.00 pm.

King’s College London, Denmark Hill Campus.

The first seminar of the New Year for the Mental Health, Ethics and Law Research Group series will be on Wednesday 1 February 2017, starting as usual at 4.00 pm. The venue is Seminar Room, 3rd Floor, Weston Education Centre, 10 Cutcombe Road, SE5 9RJ

This seminar was postponed from November this year and will be presented jointly by Professor George Szmukler (Professor of Psychiatry and Society) and Dr Tania Gergel (Visiting Research Fellow in Ancient Philosophy and Philosophy & Psychiatry) who have provided this summary:

The ‘no-choice choice’ – rethinking incentives and threats in mental healthcare

It is generally seen as morally acceptable to make someone an offer, yet unacceptable to threaten them. The presence of such ethical assumptions can be seen in contemporary psychiatry in the use of incentives to secure compliance with, for example, treatment recommendations, whereas the Mental Health Act Code of Practice (2007) clearly prohibits the use of threats to secure compliance. However, the situation is, we would argue, far less straightforward than it might initially appear. The aim of our talk is to question and rethink the issues and practices surrounding the use of both offers and threats within psychiatry. For more detailed information please see:


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