Seminar: Diminished Embodiment and Affectivity in Moebus Syndrome and Schizophrenia: A Phenomenological Analysis

6.00 pm, Tuesday 10 May, 2016, Seminar Room 6 at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, de Crespigny Park, King’s College London.

Our guest will be Dr Joel Krueger, Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Exeter, whose current work is primarily in phenomenology, philosophy of mind and cognitive science. Before moving to Exeter, Dr Krueger was at Durham where he was part of a project investigating auditory verbal hallucinations (‘Hearing the Voice’). Prior to that he was a Research Fellow at the Danish National Research Foundation.

Dr Krueger’s talk is entitled ‘Diminished Embodiment and Affectivity in Moebus Syndrome and Schizophrenia: A Phenomenological Analysis’.

Moebus Syndrome (MS) and schizophrenia might initially appear to have little to do with one another. The former is a congenital neurological disorder resulting in complete bilateral facial paralysis: the latter, a severe mental illness. However, closer examination of the experience of people with MS and schizophrenia, respectively, reveals some intriguing points of convergence —  along with some important divergence, too — that help us better understand what it’s like to live with and through these conditions. In this talk I shall argue that both MS and schizophrenia can be understood to involve a disruption of embodiment and affectivity — disruptions that can be portrayed as a diminishment or loss of intimacy with one’s embodied subjectivity and, subsequently, affective structures linking self to world.

For a more extended abstract, please visit the website


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