Event: Introduction to philosophy of psychiatry

Tuesday 1st March, 12.30 – 18.00.

Robin Murray Theatre (A & B), IoPPN, Denmark Hill, King’s College London.

The Maudsley Philosophy Group is pleased to be jointly hosting with Reading the Mind a half-day introduction to Philosophy of Psychiatry. It is called “What is …?” and is aimed specifically at psychiatric trainees, but is also open to consultants and other non-trainees. The speakers are of a high calibre, including Dr Rachel Cooper, Dr David Bell, Dr Matthew Broome, Dr Quinton Deeley and Professor Wayne Martin.

Philosophy of Psychiatry aims to bring the two disciplines together and address critical issues within clinical psychiatry. These include, amongst others: the relation between brain and mind, our understanding of identity and “the self”, the conceptual status and validity of mental disorders, our core understanding of psychopathology, the question of values within mental disorders, capacity and autonomy, and the age-old problem of other minds. We think that engaging in dialogue about these issues is vitally important in psychiatric training and practice.

Cost for the afternoon: £5 for trainees; £15 for non-trainees

If you would like to attend please register (places are limited) using this link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/what-is-tickets-19336673511

The full programme will be available shortly but for more information in the meantime, please contact: felix.warnock@kcl.ac.uk


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