Podcast: The Nature of Memory – Perspectives from Art, History and Neuroscience

Our ability to recall the past is a fundamental feature of what makes us human. While neuroscience has advanced our understanding of memory, how do these insights relate to memory as understood in the classics, literature, and art? A panel event exploring these ideas was hosted by the Forum for European Philosophy at the London School of Economics in September 2015, and is now available online.

Listen to the podcast


Jessica Bland, Principal Researcher in Policy and Research, Nesta

Adam Roberts, Science Fiction Novelist and Professor of Nineteenth-Century Literature (Royal Holloway, London)

Sebastian Groes, Senior Lecturer in Enligh Literature (University of Roehampton)

Barry C Smith, Professor of Philosophy (Birkbeck) and Director of the Institute of Philosophy


Hugo Spiers, Senior Lecturer in Experimental Psychology (UCL)


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