Podcasts: Mental disorders and the self over time

Podcasts from a workshop at King’s College London, September 2015.

How does the experience of a severe mental disorder affect and individual’s sense of self and personal identity over the course of time? How does this vary in relation to the particular patterns and course of specific disorders?

The workshop included six sessions, in which clinicians/service users reflected on these questions in relation to a range of disorders. Each talk was followed by a short response from a philosophical commentator and a time for group discussion. Our aim was to create an interdisciplinary, collaborative and exploratory atmosphere, bringing together participants from mental health, philosophical and legal backgrounds.

Click on a topic to go to a podcast of the talks.

1. Dementia
Juliette Brown & Agnieszka Jaworska

2. Affective (mood) disorders
Julie Bland & Jill Craigie

3. Bipolar disorder
Claire Dolman & Wayne Martin

4. Psychotic disorders
Eduardo Iacoponi & Tania Gergel

5. Personality disorders
Angel Santos & Natalie Gold

6. Anorexia
Lorna Richards & Jonathan Glover


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