Workshop: False but useful beliefs

4th-5th February 2016, London

In the existing psychological literature, self-deception, positive illusions, delusions, confabulatory explanations, and other instances of false or irrational belief have been shown to be beneficial in one or more ways. However, in the philosophical literature, there is still no systematic study of the role of false or irrational beliefs in supporting different aspects of human agency.

As part of the project PERFECT ( the aim of this workshop is to promote further investigation into whether false or irrational beliefs can be advantageous by being biologically adaptive, enhancing wellbeing, being conducive to the satisfaction of epistemic goals, or promoting some other form of agential success.

Registration is now open. Speakers include Anandi Hattiangadi, Allan Hazlett and Neil Van Leeuwen.
You can find a full programme and instructions on how to register here.

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