Conference: Social change in the brain age

September 10th-11th, 2015, Institute for Advanced Study, Pavia

This event will bring together a diverse range of experts from philosophy and science, as well as public policy and creative industry, to discuss whether and how research on the mind can shed new light on age-old issues about how to deliver positive social change.

Invited speakers:

Colin Blakemore (Institute of Philosophy, London)

Romina Boarini (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Paris)

Ian Carter (University of Pavia)

John Dupré (University of Exeter)

David Freedberg (The Warburg Institute, London)

Vittorio Gallese (University of Parma)

Andrea Moro (Institute for Advanced Study, Pavia)

Andreas Roepstorff (Aarhus University)

Simone Schnall (University of Cambridge)

Barry Smith (Institute of Philosophy, London)

Dan Sperber (Central European University, Budapest and Institut Nicod, Paris)

Alex Willcock (Founder and CEO of VisualDNA)

Jonathan Wolff (University College London)

Attendance is free of charge, but space is limited. Please register by sending an email with the subject “Registration” to socialbrain@[at]

For further information, please contact the local organizers (Michele di Francesco, Mattia Gallotti, Andrea Sereni and Alfredo Tomasetta) at the same address.

Any further updates and a full programme will be available here.


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